Yes to Plazas

Lesson #3: know your hotspots.

yes plaza

Many have asked for it, but unfortunately a “No Plaza” hasn’t been built yet.

Believe it or not, I actually go to a laundromat every other week to do laundry with my family. This laundromat is located in Yes Plaza, one of the hotspots in Rowland Heights. “Yes” actually refers to “Ye Shi” or “night market” in Chinese. “Plaza” in the Asian culture refers to an enclosed area of shops and vendors. Yes Plaza offers anything from SAT Test Preparation down to a small local beer hub. Walking through the plaza on weekends is definitely bucket-list worthy because the plaza is literally buzzing with crowds, each group gathered at their favorite store.

photo 2

My iPhone couldn’t handle all of the plaza, so here’s half of it!

Taking panorama pictures of plazas for you on my corner on,

(All pictures taken by Yours Truly.)


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