Colima Road

Lesson #5: know your streets.

One of the most important components on fitting in anywhere is understanding the general layout of the area. I strongly believe that walking through Rowland Heights can tell you so much about this suburb. Since not everyone can afford to drive through all 9.02 miles of Rowland Heights, The Fung Bros do it for us and I just have to showcase their educational music videos. This one is a personal favorite that my blog title is modeled after. Colima Road spans many cities but it is the backbone of Rowland Heights; if you pulled someone over to ask for directions, they most likely will reference Colima Road at some point in the conversation. The finer components of living in Rowland Heights will be explained in a future blog post, but in the meantime, keep calm and read on.

Also trying to figure out how they drank all that Boba and tea on my corner on,



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