Rowland Height’s Top 3 Dining Experiences

Lesson #7: know the perfect food for the perfect occasions.

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You’ve already been acquainted with the finer locations of top-tier Boba in Rowland Heights. It’s now time to take you on a magical car(pet) ride through the dining hot spots in the suburb. If you want to impress some guests or take your palette for a tour in Rowland Heights, these top three restaurants are excellent stops that can satisfy any occasion. Although the suburb only spans 9.02 miles, each street and section has its own “flava-flav” in terms of food.

#1 – Bulgogi House
Here in Rowland Heights, not only are we known for some of the tastiest Korean Barbecue, or KBBQ, restaurants, we also have some of the most affordable KBBQ you will ever experience.


I actually wouldn’t mind living here.

Located on: Colima Road
Perfect for: celebratory dinners and reunions of any kind
Star items: All You Can Eat, or AYCE, meat special at only $10

#2 – Seafood Village
Dim sum is a prominent subculture of food in Chinese culture and in Rowland Heights, there are so many restaurants to choose from that you can literally find one on every other street and/or corner. At Seafood Village, they serve a wide variety of Dim Sum foods and are always packed on the weekends.


Trust me… the Chinese Characters actually do translate into “Seafood Village.”

Located on: Nogales Street
Perfect for: family brunch and impressing the parents
Star items: fried seafood rolls dipped in Japanese mayo and Cha Siu Bao

#3 – Phoenix Food Boutique
Xiao Chi or “small eats” are a very popular type of food, especially during the night life in Rowland Heights. An array of sweet and savory foods can be found traditionally on the streets in China, but Phoenix brings that conveniently in not one but three different locations within the same 9.02 miles of the suburb.


Very much like Dumbledore’s Phoenix, Hawkes, this one also regenerates itself via food every hour.

Located on: Colima Road or Nogales Street
Perfect for: happy hour and late night cravings
Star items: assorted sweet drinks, pickled dishes and custard desserts

These three restaurants will give you dining experiences that will be hard to forget in a good way. From marinated brisket to custard desserts, Rowland Heights has got you covered.

Sitting here with a hungry stomach on my corner on,



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  1. This is so awesome! I really like the topic of your blog. Post more!

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