Rowland Height’s Top 3 Dining Experiences

Lesson #7: know the perfect food for the perfect occasions.

PicMonkey Collage

Photos respectively taken by Taestell, Pockafywe and Insert Magazine

You’ve already been acquainted with the finer locations of top-tier Boba in Rowland Heights. It’s now time to take you on a magical car(pet) ride through the dining hot spots in the suburb. If you want to impress some guests or take your palette for a tour in Rowland Heights, these top three restaurants are excellent stops that can satisfy any occasion. Although the suburb only spans 9.02 miles, each street and section has its own “flava-flav” in terms of food.

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Fried Dough, Pickled Cucumbers and Soy Milk

Lesson #4: know your meals.


Brunch is celebratory in Chinese culture
Photo by Pirate Alice

Brunch. The perfect combination between the wee hours of the morning when we are all too sleepy to be hungry and the stuffy hours during noon when we are too busy to eat at all.
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The Boba Survival Guide

Lesson #2 on surviving and thriving on the streets of Rowland Heights: know your Boba.

Straws and lids come with purchase

Straws and lids come with purchase

The Basics – Know Your Target

All good things start somewhere small. Known to many as Bubble Tea, Boba was born in the 1980s in a small, quaint shop owned by Liu Han Chieh in Taiwan. Boba is an amazing hybrid between a beverage and a dessert. When done right, this drink will have chewy tapioca pearls floating around in a rich and creamy milk tea.
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